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Beleef het Groene Hart via

Via GroeneHartLogies.n l you can book a nice accommodation for a stay in "the real" Groene Hart. Online you can make a choice from holiday farms, monument farms, group accommodations or Bed & Breakfasts. The lodgings on the plateland are fully furnished and equipped with all luxury and conveniences.

The assignment

Develop a website on which a visitor can easily choose from an accommodation based on the period of stay, type of accommodation and facilities. The site must be available in 6 languages, show examples of trips in the area and easily found through search engines and specific keywords.

The result

The renewed website of Groene Hart Logies has a modern look with an emphasis on searching and booking an accommodation. The search for a suitable accommodation has been made more user-friendly compared to the previous site. The maintenance of the new website is also more user-friendly because this language has been developed independently for matters that are language independent, such as photos, facilities and address details.