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De Haan Petfood significant beter vindbaar

De Haan Petfood  is a producer of cat and dog food. The company serves a large international market; it exports to more than 35 countries. Refresh Media was asked to give the website a more professional design and to ensure that the company is found better through search engines.

.com instead of a .nl domain name
The old website with English texts was on a .nl domain. For the findability on English search terms abroad that is not handy. This makes the site accessible via a .com domain name.

Keyword optimization 
Refresh Media optimized the website at the beginning of March with regard to keywords such as: pet food, cats, dogs, cat food, dog food, cat, dog, pet, law, food, quality, meat chunks in gravy, brands and private label. “We have developed a method for keyword optimization that leads to the correct content of the pages with associated settings in a structured way. Writing web texts where findability is important is a profession in itself. It works differently than simply coming up with a promotional text for a brochure or a press release. We notice that a site does not change location overnight, after optimization. A site is rising higher in the Google ranking for 1 to 3 months, "explains Pieter Boekel of Refresh Media.

Hidden pages and links 
A number of 'hidden' pages have been created around the regular pages that can be accessed through the navigation in the menus, which serve as 'catch pages'. Just like the other pages, these are also provided with 'hidden' links. These links are visible to Google but not to the visitor. "A complicated story but we have noticed that it works at other sites."

Technology from 5.5 to 9.3
The extent to which the  De Haan Petfood site  has been optimized for search engines has been greatly improved. 'Technology and SEO score' are 2 factors that are measurable and important. These factors can be measured via “Lipperhey analyzes and assesses the quality and findability of websites. This is done with specially developed software and is completely objective. The technical quality is assessed on 35 subjects, such as the use of titles or the presence of dead links. The maximum score is 10. Via this independent website, the old site scored 5.5 for Technology. The new website scores a 9.3 and is therefore considerably better, "says Pieter. 

SEO score from 43% to 94%
The Search Engine Optimization Score (SEO score) indicates to what extent the website is optimized to be easily found in the results of search engines. Words on which a website must be found are called keywords. A keyword gets more weight in a page if it is displayed in a special way. The special display of keywords is done by placing them in special HTML (formatting) elements. “The HTML elements determine how important the keyword is in relation to the other words in the page. The old website achieved an SEO score of 43% and the new 94%. Also a strong improvement ”.

More professional design and sustainability
In addition to the greatly improved findability, the site is also more professional in design. ' De Haan Petfood sustainability is of paramount importance. That is why the corporate identity and logo have been transformed from yellow to green. This and the sustainability theme have also been implemented within the website's design. In addition to sustainability, the Holland theme is also recognizable. This always works well abroad, hence the mills on the homepage. 

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